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March 26th 2019 | 11481 readers

Philippe Nieuwbourg, Founder of Quantaneo
Philippe Nieuwbourg, Founder of Quantaneo
Quantaneo is an online magazine and web community focusing on business applications for Quantum Information Science (QIS).
Every week, you will learn on our website, about the main news in the following areas:
- Hardware advances related to the future offers of manufacturers involved in applied research in quantum computing;
- Software advances related to quantum algorithms and their applications;
- Thoughts on business applications, business models, social and technological impacts;
- Employment, professions, events, those at the heart of quantum computing and its ecosystem....

This online magazine gather an understandable and analytical vision of the impact of quantum computing on enterprises.

Philippe Nieuwbourg, founder of Quantaneo, is an independent analyst specialized in new technologies. Analyst, lecturer and author in the field of information technology and data analysis for several decades, he has been on the lookout, since the beginning of his career, for technology trends that will really influence our daily professional lives, and their impact on organizations' business models.

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Philippe Nieuwbourg is an independent trainer and analyst, a specialist in data analysis for... Know more about this author