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A list of some Quantum Computing events in the world
Quantum Technologies for Security
Practical information
on Monday, November 18th 2019
Lago Events, 6 Hamea VeEsrim St
Rishon LeTsiyon
The world is at the dawn of the quantum revolution which will offer extraordinary acceleration, powerful computing, and precision to various systems in the fields of security, industry, health, etc.

Quantum’s applied research is at the heart of the great power military competition. Controlling quantum computing will enable outstanding computing and processing capabilities for encryption, cybersecurity, and the defense of critical communication and command & control systems. As a global technological leader in many fields, Israel should be at the forefront also in the quantum arena, similarly to its pioneering global role at the beginning of the cyber revolution.

It is over this backdrop that iHLS is initiating this year, for the first time, a conference on quantum for security: Quantum Tech.

The conference will serve as a meeting point for representatives from the defense and civilian industries, security R&D, academia and entrepreneurship, in attempt to increase awareness to the field’s practicable potential, supply the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaborations, and contribute to the emerging quantum ecosystem.