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​IonQ Aria Available Today on Azure Quantum Platform

● IonQ Aria marks the second quantum system from IonQ to join Azure Quantum platform, following the 2019 rollout of IonQ Harmony

● At launch, cloud access to IonQ Aria available exclusively via the Azure Quantum platform

Press release from IonQ
August 16th 2022 | 213 readers

Photo by Anton Maksimov on Unsplash
Photo by Anton Maksimov on Unsplash
IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), an industry leader in quantum computing, today announced the availability of IonQ Aria exclusively on the Azure Quantum platform, at launch. Through Azure Quantum, users from around the world can access one of the industry’s most powerful quantum systems with a few simple keystrokes, paving the way for new quantum applications in areas like machine learning and logistics. IonQ Aria is the second IonQ system to join the Azure Quantum platform, following the rollout of IonQ Harmony in late 2019.

“Having IonQ Aria be available to Azure Quantum customers is exciting, as it aligns with our original goal of making quantum accessible and affordable at scale,” said Peter Chapman, CEO and President, IonQ. “IonQ Aria joining IonQ Harmony on the Azure Quantum platform ensures that enterprise customers and research institutions have a choice when it comes to selecting which quantum system is best suited for their specific needs.”

Made available to public beta customers earlier this year, IonQ Aria currently stands as the best, publicly disclosed quantum computer in the world, with an algorithmic qubit (#AQ) count of 23.

The higher #AQ count can potentially allow the quicker development of quantum simulations and algorithms than any previous generation of quantum computers. Select early customers have already begun using the system to develop algorithms that mitigate risk in finance, model chemical reactions within EV batteries, and improve image classification for future autonomous vehicles. Customers who purchase monthly subscription access to IonQ Aria through Azure Quantum will receive premium onboarding, consultation services and technical support as part of the plan.

“The desire to learn and innovate on the Azure Quantum platform is incredible, and partnering with system providers like IonQ makes it possible for us to provide our global customers with the tools they need to answer the questions of tomorrow,” said Dr. Krysta Svore, Distinguished Engineer for Azure Quantum at Microsoft. “The availability of IonQ Aria and IonQ Harmony offers customers even more choice when it comes to selecting the right quantum hardware for their specific needs.”

Demand for quantum computing systems has soared in recent years, as both enterprise and research institutions look to leverage the power of quantum when tackling previously unsolvable problems. In the first half of this year, IonQ reported commercial partnerships with Hyundai Motors to develop better performing batteries for electric vehicles, in addition to using quantum machine learning for object detection in future vehicles. IonQ also announced results from its project with GE Research which demonstrated quantum’s effectiveness for mitigating risk in scenarios where multiple factors influenced each other.

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