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​ Announces the Launch of LuciX, the AI Dispatch and Scheduling as a Service Platform

Toronto-based now announces the launch of LuciX, the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dispatch and Scheduling as a Service (DSaaS) platform. The platform empowers large and small businesses whose employees are on the go and who envy for market expansion and revenue growth.

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July 28th 2019 | 198 readers

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
LuciX is built out of the team's dedicated research, design, and development in machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, optimization, and data science and the most advanced computation technologies. The platform is designed for businesses in motion for various sectors, including food delivery, fleet management, retail and delivery, home and field services, etc. It automatically schedules, dispatches, monitors and adjusts routes by real-time fulfillment.

Powered by premier machine learning technology, LuciX rescues businesses from chaos and accommodates for all the randomness and uncertainties with prompt actionable plans. Together with data technologies, the platform maximizes data utilization at various matrices to get the most valuable, efficient and flexible results. Machine learning patterns are generated from unstructured data from multiple sources, including traffic, weather and Point-of-Interests to achieve industry-wide optimization. LuciX optimizes clients' performance by triggering the virtuous cyber of enhanced efficiency, reduced cost, and increased demands.

Cutting-edge optimization, the other backbone for LuciX, reduces travelling time and fuel cost and minimizes carbon footprint with the state-of-the-art performance and speed. It minimizes the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and builds up an adaptive optimization framework that supports efficient customization with high scalability. It enables LuciX a general dispatching and scheduling platform, which stays robust for dynamic demands 24/7 around and rescues businesses from growing pains when they expand to a new market and customers.

LuciX also benefits from the unprecedented computational power from cutting-edge Cloud Computing, GPUs, CPUs, and Quantum Computing. It adopts a serverless architecture that enables one-click cloud deployment, and minimal maintaining and labor cost. The system adaptively adjusts computing resources as business expands and supports a powerful and lean SaaS for both small and large businesses in the industry.

The platform has now been tested and applied in the food order delivery sector. Food order delivery providers are often constraint to grow and expand their businesses. They suffer from excessive wait time, high cost-per-delivery, high complaint rate, limited carrying capacity, and the inefficiency for dispatching and scheduling with a set of drivers handling multiple tasks. LuciX brings machine learning and optimization to achieve automated route optimization with precise delivery. With responsive API and robust architecture, it saves the client from growing pains and supports 24/7 food delivery. Food delivery providers can carry out instant adjustments, re-dispatch and re-route, and quickly answer to crises with stochastic decision.

The result shows that LuciX achieves a 30% average delivery time reduction, while satisfying all customized business rule and scheduling preference and considering the fairness among drivers. It successfully builds up an efficient food delivery team with lower carbon footprint, better service, and happier diners.

LuciX welcomes clients from various industries that demand for auto-dispatch and scheduling services.

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