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​Quantum Computing Announces Michael Booth as Chief Technology Officer and Steve Reinhardt as Vice President Product Development

Quantum Computing, Inc. (OTC Pink: QUBT) (“QCI” or the “Company”), a technology company focused on developing novel applications and solutions utilizing quantum and quantum-inspired computing to solve difficult problems in various industries, today announced the appointment of highly experienced and seasoned technology executives Michael Booth and Steve Reinhardt to serve as the Company’s new Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development respectively. Mr. Booth and Mr. Reinhardt will oversee QCI’s strategy in developing and delivering applications and products to market.

Press release from Quantum Computing
June 3rd 2019 | 299 readers

Michael Booth
Michael Booth
Mr. Booth is a leader in technology ventures, specializing in identifying the commercial potential of emerging technologies and developing a strategy to bring them to market through strategic development of applications. Mr. Booth served as VP of Applications and Software at Cray Research and Silicon Graphics Inc, leading application development for Supercomputers and high-performance computing. Most recently, he served on the benchmarking division at D-Wave Systems, where he developed qbSolv and benchmarking algorithms for Quantum Computers.
Mr. Reinhardt is a leader in developing products for cutting-edge computing technology with large market potential. Mr. Reinhardt previously served as the Project Director of the Cray T3E at Cray Research, the first production distributed-memory supercomputer which brought in over $700 Million in revenue. He also served as Director of Engineering at Silicon Graphics Inc, leading the development of Altix, a scalable shared-memory Linux-based system which delivered over $600 Million in revenue. Most recently, Mr. Reinhardt was Director of Software Tools and later Director of Customer Applications at D-Wave Systems, leading teams that developed tools such as qbsolv and worked with customers to map problems for effective execution on D-Wave’s quantum-annealing-based quantum computer.
“I’m excited to join Quantum Computing Inc. as I see an opportunity to focus on shipping competitive quantum-enabled products,” stated Michael Booth, QCI’s newly appointed Chief Technology Office. “I believe that there is a clear path to demonstrate the benefit of current quantum computing technology through applications and a hybrid-computing approach.”
“I see a tremendous amount of untapped potential in current quantum-based computing systems,” said Mr. Steve Reinhardt, QCI’s newly appointed Vice President of Product Development.  “The opportunity in current quantum technology is similar to the same level of potential I recognized and addressed in my time at Cray Research and Silicon Graphics. My job will be to ensure this innovative technology is positioned to capitalize on business opportunities once commercialized.”
“We are extremely pleased to have Mike and Steve join our team,” stated Robert Liscouski, Quantum Computing Inc. CEO. “Mike and Steve bring a wealth of experience to Quantum Computing Inc., that will provide us insight into the quantum computing hardware market that will be invaluable to us.  We are indeed fortunate to have world class talent on board to enable Quantum Computing Inc. evolve into a leader in quantum applications development,” he stated.

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