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​Quantum Computing Appoints IT Thought Leader, Majed Saadi, to Technical Advisory Board

Quantum Computing Inc. (OTCQB: QUBT) (QCI), a technology leader in quantum computing tools and applications, has appointed noted IT expert and industry thought leader, Majed Saadi, to serve on the company’s technical advisory board.

Press release from Quantum Computing
May 23rd 2020 | 589 readers

Majed Saadi
Majed Saadi
Saadi brings to QCI more than 20 years of executive leadership and experience in strategy development and IT transformation, as well as functional knowledge in the domains of cloud computing, platform development, enterprise architecture and enterprise systems management.

He has held senior positions at large federal systems integrators, value added resellers and consulting firms, where he has been responsible for codifying capabilities and offerings, as well as supporting technical innovation across the enterprise. Saadi has also supported the mission of civilian federal agencies and commercial and educational organizations. He presently serves in a divisional senior management position at a global aerospace and defense company, focused on the deployment of major networks and systems for government and commercial customers.

Saadi is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and symposiums on topics ranging from public health IT to the impact of cloud computing on modern organizations. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Notre Dame University and Master’s Degree in IT Management from the University of Virginia. He holds several industry certifications, including TOGAF, ITIL, ISO 20K and MoR. 

“Majed’s experience in the large IT systems integrator domain will help advance our go-to-market strategy, and particularly in positioning QCI as a key partner to integrators," commented QCI CEO, Robert Liscouski. “His knowledge and skills as a large-company CTO and focus on mission centric systems will also enable us to better present our software capabilities as clients look to quantum technologies to enhance their business applications.”

Saadi commented: “The investment by government and commercial enterprises in quantum computing has steadily increased over the last few years, as leaders recognize that this technology now has a place in their IT strategy. QCI has brought us into the future, making today the best time to begin to leverage the power of quantum technologies. Organizations looking for differentiated applications that sets them ahead of the competition cannot afford to wait until these technologies become mainstream.

“I am excited to join QCI’s advisory board during this pivotal period in its development and commercial launch, and help the company deliver on the tremendous promise of quantum computing technologies to power some of the world’s greatest computational and processor-intense applications.”

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