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​Quantum Computing Inc. Supports State & Local Governments with COVID-19 Data Analysis

Quantum-inspired Analytics Assist in the Detection and Prediction of Virus Transmissions and Spread.

Press release from Quantum Computing
April 16th 2020 | 250 readers

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Quantum Computing Inc. (OTC:QUBT) (“QCI”), an advanced technology company developing quantum-ready applications and tools, announced today that the company is assisting state and local governments with analytic solutions to assist in the battle against the COVID-19 disease.

Quantum Computing Inc. is assisting Mayor Scott Conger and the city of Jackson, TN in their fight against COVID-19  by providing advanced analytic capabilities to track and predict the spread of the disease.  “QCI is working with delayed geo-location data combined with input provided by our local Jackson authorities to answer complex questions regarding trends related to the contacts, spread, and concentration of the virus.  We are able to see the impact of the mayor’s executive orders in reduced traffic at essential retail stores.  QCI’s analyses also help us plan precise steps to restart economic activity, when that is prudent, taking into account Jackson’s role as the commercial and healthcare hub for a 40-mile radius around it. This data can help provide evidence to support decisions and will help us identify when to changes in course are necessary,” stated Paul Taylor, city council member, city of Jackson.

The US government, alone, has allocated several billion dollars to attack the coronavirus and improve management of COVID-19 disease but critical activities occur at the state, county and city level. “Effective responses to mitigate the worst outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic will require the expertise of the appropriate subject-matter and policy experts supported by advanced technologies to answer key questions quickly and accurately, based on the best available data,” stated Robert Liscouski, CEO, Quantum Computing Inc.  A key role for QCI is to enable the collaboration between such experts and local governments.  “QCI has a core value to accelerate the work of domain experts by enabling them to use proven and novel advanced quantum-inspired analytics. “For COVID-19, these approaches enable the characterization of the virus progression and prediction of likely outbreaks, with speed and accuracy not previously possible.  This includes analyzing pre-diagnosis activities and contacts,” stated Dr. Michael Liebman, QCI’s technical advisor on healthcare. “Timely contact tracing can help save lives in this crisis. QCI’s capabilities have tremendous value to governments in identifying emerging trends of the virus that will enable the government to allocate the appropriate resources in time and make decisions on staging a thoughtful and measured safe return to re-opening businesses and commercial operations,” added Dr. Liebman. “The city of Jackson is being very forward thinking and proactive by taking steps to ensure the public’s safety and health during this challenging time. We are confident that we can add significant value to the city of Jackson’s efforts and look for additional opportunities to contribute and collaborate,” added Liscouski.

QCI has developed applications to run on quantum computers such as anealers to provide quantum-ready business capabilities to companies today.  QCI recently announced the launch of its Quantum Asset Allocator, a hedge fund portfolio optimization application, and Mukai, QCI’s quantum application development platform and expects to announce additional products in Q2 of 2020.

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