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​Quantum Machines releases quantum chip carrier for seamless high-fidelity integration

Quantum Machines, the provider of breakthrough quantum control solutions that accelerate the realization of practical quantum computers, announced today the release of QCage.64, the newest product from QDevil, the company's Quantum Electronics business unit.

Press release from Quantum Machines
February 16th 2023 | 164 readers

​Quantum Machines releases quantum chip carrier for seamless high-fidelity integration
QCage.64 is an innovative chip package that enables the high-fidelity operation of superconducting quantum processors, providing a key component in the stack as quantum processors approach commercial scale.

QCage.64 will be on display at the APS March Meeting, March 6-9 2023, Caesars Forum Convention Center, Booth #613.

One of the key engineering challenges associated with scaling up quantum computers while ensuring they continue to function properly is maintaining the quantum processing unit's data over time (the QPU's coherence time). Achieving coherence times long enough to perform meaningful computation requires that quantum chips be nearly perfectly isolated from their surrounding environment. Conversely, quantum chips must have high connectivity with the control system so they can be manipulated and computation can be performed.

The QCage.64 is a cutting-edge chip package that enables hassle-free, high-fidelity integration of superconducting quantum processors into the cryogenic environment and full hardware stack. The chip is suspended in a microwave cavity to minimize losses and decoherence while offering superior connectivity with near-perfect line transmission. With its modular loading and connectivity solution, chips can be easily transferred between wire bonding stations and pre-screening setups, and finally loaded and operated in full-stack quantum computing systems.

"With the release of our most advanced chip carrier yet, we are offering critical quantum computing components to everyone," said Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines. "Quantum Machines now covers more of the control stack, from low-level programming, through signal generation, all the way down to the chip. The QCage family of products enables seamless and high-fidelity integration of our customers' quantum processors with our advanced control system, hastening the onset of practical quantum computing at a commercial scale."

"QCage integrates seamlessly into our workflow of preparing and loading QPUs and supports higher throughput in our lab," said Professor Javad Shabani, Director of the Center of Quantum Information Physics at NYU. "The innovative design and engineering of the carrier resulted in a nearly 30X increase in the quality factors for our superconducting resonators, directly benefiting our research."

Some of the unique features of the QCage.64 include:

Low-loss PCB with 64 embedded coplanar transmission lines
Supported chip size of 22 x 22 mm2 (20 x 20 mm2 active area)
Cavity and PCB optimized to ensure resonance-free transmission up to 8 GHz
EMC tight superconducting shielding enclosure case
Flux biasing magnet inside the shielding

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