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01 Communique Provides Corporate Update and Announces Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. (the “Company”) (ONE:TSX-V) is pleased to report on significant advances the Company has made in developing its quantum-safe cyber security systems, including initiatives to help ensure successful commercialization of IronCAP X and IronCAP API.

Press release from 01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
February 6th 2020 | 215 readers

01 Communique Provides Corporate Update and Announces Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results
IronCAP X, a new cybersecurity product for email/file encryption, is planned for commercial release around Q1 2020. IronCAP’s strength has been endorsed by industry experts to be the most secure quantum safe encryption today as industry and governments face the serious threat that quantum computing poses to traditional encryption. 

Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results

The Company today reported a profit for its 4th quarter 2019 of $238,494 compared to a net loss in 2018 of $229,045 . Excluding a one-time reversal for a prior year accrued liability and non-cash operating expenses which include stock-based compensation and depreciation, the adjusted loss was $177,070 (2018 – $194,202 ). The Company completed the year with $583,712 of cash and cash equivalents and GIC.

Andrew Cheung , 01 Communique CEO, stated, “I am pleased with the significant progress we made throughout 2019 in developing what we believe to be the most advanced quantum-safe cryptographic system in the world.  We completed development of our IronCAP API, making it available to vendors. We are adding the finishing touches to IronCAP X, which we believe is the world`s first quantum-safe end-to-end email encryption system, as we get ready for its commercial availability.”

Business Development Highlights:

The Company has several ongoing initiatives to help ensure the successful commercialization of IronCAP X and IronCAP API including:

Increased business development activities have resulted in the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hitachi Solutions Create Ltd in Japan and with ixFintech in Hong Kong with respect to licensing IronCAP technology. Discussions with other leading technology firms are in progress.
The Company had a successful business development trip in Asia in January 2020 . The trip included attending the Asian Financial Forum where management met with 14 potential customers in the finance industry. In addition, management met with 6 potential customers in mainland China and had further meetings with Hitachi in Tokyo to discuss plans following the MOU.
A world class development team has been assembled for the completion of IronCAP X as well as for the development of an impressive product road map that would incorporate the Company’s IronCAP technology into a number of new products.
The addition of new board and advisory committee members with significant business expertise.
A new web site ( has been launched to provide quick access to critical information about IronCAP technology and its family of products, including IronCAP X.
The new web site provides IronCAP X beta users the ability to register for a trial of IronCAP X when it is available.
The Company has received several endorsements supporting management’s belief that IronCAP is secure enough to safeguard against potential attacks from quantum computers:

IronCAP proved to be un-hackable after the Company issued a world-wide challenge to hackers to crack their quantum-safe encryption in 36 days in exchange for a $100,000 . All 517 hackers from various countries failed miserably, validating the strength of IronCAP’s encryption platform.
IronCAP was selected to receive the Editor’s Choice Award in a special “Quantum Computing” edition of the CIOReview magazine. CIOReview profiled the “10 Most Promising Quantum Computing Solution Providers” of 2019, and selected IronCAP as the Editor’s choice.

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