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Australia’s Quantum Technology Roadmap

Press release from Archer
May 26th 2020 | 842 readers

Archer Materials Limited (“Archer”, the “Company”) (“ASX: AXE”) is pleased to inform shareholders that the CSIRO has published a comprehensive roadmap titled Growing Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry† (“Roadmap”). Archer contributed to the development of the Roadmap, together with industry, research and government organisations.

The Roadmap focusses on activities that can begin immediately to enable successful development, demonstration and commercialisation of emerging quantum technologies.

The Company encourages shareholders and investors to read the Roadmap as it identifies and details the various risks and commercial opportunities associated with quantum technologies in Australia, including quantum computing, and how this can be transformed to economic value.

According to the Roadmap, quantum technologies can create an $86 billion global industry by 2040 and quantum computing will present substantial opportunities for economic growth in Australia in the coming decades. 

 CSIRO Futures (2020) Growing Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry. CSIRO, Australia.  

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