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Cambridge Quantum Computing Announces Support for Honeywell’s Quantum Computer

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is pleased to announce that it has released a new version of its quantum software development platform t|ket⟩TM that is optimized for Honeywell’s trapped ion quantum processor.

Press release from Cambridge Quantum Computing
March 17th 2020 | 409 readers

Photo by Danial RiCaRoS on Unsplash
Photo by Danial RiCaRoS on Unsplash
A new optional python package, pytket_honeywell, adds support for Honeywell’s quantum processors to t|ket⟩TM and is the first software that enables users to transparently execute quantum algorithms on the Honeywell quantum processor, regardless of whether the original program was written using pytket, Qiskit, Cirq, Quil, or QASM.

Denise Ruffner, Chief Business Officer of CQC stated, “Along with version 0.4.6 of the core pytket package, this release provides specific compiler optimizations designed to get the most out of the Honeywell devices, including rewriting circuits to their unique gate set.”

Ruffner added, “Further Honeywell-specific enhancements are scheduled for release in early April, with Pytket 0.5.”

“We are excited to open up Honeywell’s unique quantum computing capabilities to the t|ket⟩TM platform and look forward to applying it to business use cases in the short term,” said Tony Uttley President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions.

CQC’s pytket has existing support for several quantum computers and simulators, including superconducting devices from IBM and Rigetti, via extension packages such as pytket_qiskit and pytket_pyquil. Pytket and its extension packages including pytket_honeywell, are freely available for installation via pip. For more details about the release, see the change log at where further technical specifications are available.

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