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Creative Destruction Lab collaborates with IBM Q to train startups in quantum computing

CDL Quantum will provide IBM Q Experience and Qiskit education as part of its robust set of resources for founders to launch and scale a startup.

Press release from Creative Destruction Lab
October 3rd 2019 | 1102 readers

IBM Q to support CDL Quantum startups’ IBM Q Experience education

Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash
Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash
The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is pleased to announce a technology collaboration with IBM Q™ to drive quantum education opportunities with members of the Ventures in CDL’s Quantum Incubator Stream. As part of this collaboration CDL will receive access and hands-on technical support for the public IBM Q Experience™ systems, and IBM’s open source quantum software platform, Qiskit™. IBM will provide ongoing support through a single point of contact coordinator.

“The CDL Quantum Stream has been a neutral testing ground, offering our startups access to technical expertise and computing options available across the industry,” says Peter Wittek, Academic Director of the CDL Quantum stream and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. “The IBM Q collaboration further underlines our dedication to raising the quantum ecosystem as a whole, as well as adding the tremendous amount of support that the IBM Q team’s expertise comes with.”

“Collaborations with organizations like CDL are essential, as more and more startups, corporations, academic institutions and research labs begin exploring the possibilities of quantum computing and work to get quantum ready,” said Anthony Annunziata, Global Leader, IBM Q Network®. “We’re looking forward to working with CDL’s Quantum Incubator Stream startups.”

The Quantum Stream at CDL-Toronto brings together entrepreneurs, investors, AI experts, leading quantum information researchers, and quantum hardware companies to build ventures in the nascent domain of quantum machine learning and quantum optimization. CDL Quantum will provide IBM Q Experience and Qiskit education as part of its robust set of resources for founders to launch and scale a startup, including:

Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs who have experience scaling quantum-based companies whether as an entrepreneur or early investor.
Technical validation and feedback from leading academic researchers such as Seth Lloyd (quantum information and complex systems), Roger Melko (quantum many-body physics), Michele Mosca (quantum algorithms and cryptography), and Peter Wittek (quantum machine learning).
Guidance on strategy and business development from Rotman School of Management faculty members.
Business development support from top students at the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)
Opportunities to raise capital from angel investors and top-tier venture capital firms
IBM Q joins CDL Quantum’s three technology partners that provide quantum computing resources to participating ventures in the program: D-Wave Systems, Rigetti Computing and Xanadu.

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