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DENSO Delivers Technical Support in D-WAVE Project using Quantum Systems to Combat COVID-19

DENSO mobilizes its quantum computing expertise and collaborative spirit.

Press release from DENSO Corporation
April 1st 2020 | 1250 readers

DENSO Delivers Technical Support in D-WAVE Project using Quantum Systems to Combat COVID-19
DENSO Corporation today announced it is joining a project from D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum cloud service “Leap2”, to give anyone working on problems related to the COVID-19 free, immediate access to the company’s quantum computer.

As researchers in every industry such as medical care and infection prevention are trying to find solutions, the initiative comes in response to a request from the Canadian government for solutions to the pandemic across industries. Unrestricted, free access to D-Wave’s quantum computers via “Leap2” is available immediately to not only Canadian users, but also anyone working on COVID-19 response in the 35 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia where access is available to the Leap quantum cloud service. Hybrid quantum and classical solutions could help these researchers, but they require both free, unfettered access to the hybrid quantum systems and quantum expertise.

DENSO has rich background in quantum computing such as research on efficiency improvement of factory. To utilize the experiments and philosophy of collaboration guided it to join the coalition, and to do what it can to help overcome COVID-19 crisis, DENSO will help others to translate real-world problems into those that can be solved by quantum formulation and support to develop faster solution algorithms. 

Koji Arima, President & CEO of DENSO, stated: 
“Computing technology has long contributed to the development of science and industry. Quantum computing now has the potential to further this development, and we were one of the first to start research in this field in the auto industry. We are honored to join the project, which will leverage this experience, mobilize our global expertise and activate our spirit of collaboration. We believe we can overcome this crisis through the collaboration of humankind.”

Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave, stated: 
“We are facing an unprecedented crisis that affects almost all industries and nations. We believe that we can offer powerful resources to help individuals, organizations, and governments around the world collaborate on developing solutions quickly by combining the expertise of customers and partners with hybrid quantum computing. DENSO’s research team is skilled at using our quantum computer. Together, we believe we can bring our expertise and knowledge of the quantum system to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers responding to COVID-19.” “Users will have full access to the recently launched Leap 2, which includes the hybrid solver service designed to provide both classical and quantum resources to solve highly complex problems quickly and precisely, with up to 10,000 fully connected variables.”

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