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"Dancing with qubits", Robert Sutor's next book

November 2nd 2019 | 2262 readers

"Dancing with qubits", Robert Sutor's next book
Robert Sutor, Vice President of Quantum Computing Strategy at IBM Research, is one of the most listened to scientists in the field. His job is of course to put his knowledge at the service of IBM. He’s therefore not totally independent. But the field of quantum computing is so new, and the investments of large companies like IBM or Google are so important, that it is here that innovation is built for the future.

His next book, "Dancing with qubits", is announced for December 10. A great Christmas gift idea!
"How quantum computing works, and how it will change the world" is the subtitle of the nearly 400-page book. No detailed plan available on Amazon yet, but let's hope that the book will not be too technical, and that its reading will not be restricted to PhD graduates in physics. If its content is accessible to business leaders, and not only highlights the approaches chosen by IBM, it will certainly be a great success.

See you on December 10th, and if you are in a hurry, you can pre-order it now by following this link: Dancing with qubits.

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