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How we quantum-proofed IBM z16 — and paved the way to quantum-safe crypto migration

Press release from IBM
October 12th 2022 | 584 readers

Photo IBM
Photo IBM
The z15 migration guaranteed safety and forgery-proof updates of the system throughout its lifetime. IBM controls the full application stack and does not depend on any third-party components, so the decision to migrate meant that the full infrastructure for the certification process had to be migrated as well. The effort was worth it, though, because migrating the HSM ensured that the most secure element in IBM z15 would be protected by quantum-safe algorithms.

This is crucial, given the trust our clients have in the IBM zSystems platform. Making the HSM quantum-safe meant that it could be trusted and updated in subsequent generations and be protected from future risk made possible by quantum computing. So while z15 was not yet fully quantum-safe like the next-generation platform, IBM z16, it already had Dilithium operations enabled in its HSM and the IBM zSystems logging trail was also signed by a Dil-signature.

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