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IBG Inter Blockchain Group lead the race in the usage of Quantum AI

Quantum computing applies the laws of quantum mechanics to process information. As people do not see quantum processes in their day-to-day lives, this technology can be difficult for non-scientists to understand. This also makes finding the best quantum computing stocks difficult for investors.

Press release from IBG
September 8th 2019 | 1378 readers

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Quantum adds “super-positioning” to the ones and zeros. This so-called “super-positioning” allows ones and zeros to exist in multiple states at one time. It also allows “entanglement,” which syncs particles separated by vast distances. This allows systems to factor large numbers that traditional computing technology could not.

IBG Inter Blockchain Group is a trading company that has been tapping into this technology to take advantage and utilize these characteristics to maximize their trading success rate and profits.

IBG is using quantum AI to such effect, by identifying the usage of quantum AI as major game-changer in trading. IBG has been developing and utilizing it in their trading systems and have achieved great success, gaining annual profits above market averages and leading the usage of quantum AI for trading purposes.

IBG’s proprietary Quantum Data Intelligence has capabilities that are more advanced compared to its competitors.

Naturally, quantum computing could advance many technologies, and by extension, the stocks of many tech-oriented companies. Quantum processes will significantly expand abilities in fields such as cryptography, algorithms, communications, defense, and basic computing, but as far as trading is concern IBG is leading the race in the usage of quantum AI.

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