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IBM Achieves Quantum Computing Software Milestone

Last week, IBM kicked off a global quantum computing challenge in celebration of the company's fourth anniversary of making quantum computers available via the cloud.

Press release from IBM
May 14th 2020 | 1983 readers

Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash
Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash
Designed to build quantum computing skills and make it easy for developers to use a quantum computer, the challenge exceeded 1 billion circuits a day, run on IBM's 18 quantum systems via the cloud. Circuits are the fundamental building blocks of quantum computation that operate in much the same way as models do to train AI. 

The results of the IBM Quantum Challenge underscore the accessibility, reliability, and stability of IBM's fleet of quantum computers - and the global interest in quantum computing:

·       Over 5 billion circuits run throughout the course of the Challenge, more than 1 billion each day.

·       Participants from 45 countries, from novices to experienced quantum developers, joined the Challenge to test their quantum skills.

·       Of the more than 1,700 IBM Quantum Challenge participants, 574 quantum experts completed all four exercises of the challenge.

 You can read more about the challenge here:
With more than 200,000 registered users and 100 quantum clients, IBM is the only company driving quantum computing forward at this scale, achieving advances in both quantum hardware and software development.

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