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IBM and the Government of Quebec establish an innovative partnership to accelerate discoveries by implementing a very first IBM quantum system in Canada

– The Government of Quebec announces the creation of the Quebec-IBM Discovery Accelerator to advance discoveries in the fields of energy, life sciences and sustainability

– IBM will implement its very first quantum system in Canadain order to establish the foundations of the quantum innovation zone of Quebec

– The Discovery Accelerator takes advantage of the existing semiconductor-related innovation ecosystem to take it a step further with a view to stimulating Quebec’s booming high-tech economy.

February 3rd 2022 | 195 readers

Photo by Ronald Joseph on Unsplash
Photo by Ronald Joseph on Unsplash
The government of Quebec and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a new partnership. This agreement is intended to consolidate Québec’s position as a leader among technology hubs in the development of the fields of quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors and high-performance computing, thanks to the launch of the Québec-IBM Discovery Accelerator. The activities of this new technological pole have various objectives: developing new projects, concluding new collaboration agreements and acquiring new skills in research fields of crucial importance, such as energy, life sciences and sustainability.

IBM announces a first quantum system for Canada – IBM and the Quebec government launch the Quebec-IBM Discovery Accelerator
The Quebec-IBM Discovery Accelerator will work in harmony with the objectives of the Government of Quebec’s Quantum Innovation Zone and Microelectronics Innovation Zone, respectively established in Sherbrooke and to Bromont. It will be used to promote the use of advanced technologies throughout the province. In collaboration with partners from the scientific research community and the private sector, the Québec-IBM Discovery Accelerator plans to advance the following technologies in the IT sector:

Quantum Computing: relying on the installation of an IBM Quantum System One computer at the IBM plant in Bromontin order to facilitate the achievement of the mission of the Government of Quebec with regard to its areas of innovation, the Discovery Accelerator will look into complex problems, including the modeling of new materials as well as the use of computer science quantum as part of broader sustainability efforts;
Artificial Intelligence (AI): the Quebec-IBM Discovery Accelerator teams will use a whole range of AI models to study practical cases, such as the discovery of new drugs;
High Performance Computing : The Discovery Accelerator will take advantage of the existence of a base in the field of high performance computing in order to integrate classical and quantum technologies to study various problems of a scientific nature.
The confluence, at the Quebec-IBM Discovery Accelerator in Quebec, of the aforementioned technologies constitutes an additional step in the promotion of technological development in the region, in order to broaden the horizons of the computing sector. This confluence also leverages IBM’s in-depth knowledge of semiconductor design and assembly, including work performed at its Bromont, Quebec plant.

“Quebec has immense potential to innovate in areas of the future, to be a leader in the economy of the future. We have world-class universities, creative entrepreneurs and talented workers. The acquisition of a quantum computer from IBM will allow us to take giant steps in fields such as artificial intelligence or modelling. Quantum science is the future of computing and with our innovation zone, we are at the forefront of the future,” said François Legault, Premier of Quebec.

“The Quebec-IBM Discovery Accelerator is another compelling example of our commitment to building open, innovation-driven communities to tackle the big issues of our time, through a combination of quantum computing, AI and high-performance computing, all technologies integrated through the hybrid cloud, continued Darío Gil, Ph.D. (electrical and computer engineering), executive vice president and director of IBM Research. This new Discovery Accelerator, as well as our work on innovation in the field of semiconductors, will make all of IBM’s cutting-edge technology accessible to the scientific and industrial communities of Quebec. We are proud to work with the Government of Quebec, as well as our partners in the private sector and academia, to take innovation to another level in Quebec. »

In addition to implementing its quantum system in Quebec, IBM aims to advance education and improve skills in the technology sector, while making cutting-edge software technologies accessible, such as the generative modeling kit for science and RoboRXN laboratory. These technologies are part of IBM’s growing portfolio for its Discovery Accelerator, to advance research faster and accelerate development in life sciences, such as genomics and drug design.

The Québec-IBM Discovery Accelerator is the fourth such partnership to be announced in the past 12 months; it follows similar announcements made with the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Science and Technology Facilities Council Hartree Center in the UK.

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