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Inside Quantum Technology Conference Makes NYC Debut April 2 - 3, 2020, Addressing the Business of Quantum Computing, Networking and Sensors

Event to Feature Speakers from Startups to Major Corporations including IBM, Microsoft, Airbus, BMW...

Press release from 3DR Holdings
February 18th 2020 | 444 readers

Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash
Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash
3DR Holdings, analyst firm Inside Quantum Technology and QuTech (Technical University Delft) today announced the New York City debut of Inside Quantum Technology, the premier conference dedicated to the business of quantum computing, quantum networking and quantum sensors.  Following its 2019 US debut in Boston, Inside Quantum Technology ran a successful quantum technology conference and trade show in the Netherlands in 2019 and now moves to NYC this year for two days of education, conference sessions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities focused on opportunities for quantum computers, quantum sensors and quantum cryptography.  The conference will host special end-user panels with a focus on the use of quantum technology in in financial services, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, healthcare, automotive, transportation, defense, government and R&D.

With major corporations spearheading quantum computing initiatives and behemoths like Google declaring "quantum supremacy," quantum technology is regularly making headlines and becoming a priority across numerous business sectors.  Inside Quantum Technology will provide attendees with thorough state-of-the-industry panels and views of the future with presentations from the sector's pioneers, from startups and early quantum leaders to large corporations and academics. Speakers include:
  • Robert Sutor – IBM Research, VP Quantum Ecosystem Development
  • Charles Marcus – Microsoft, Principal Research
  • Martin Schuetz – Amazon Web Services Quantum Solutions Lab, Quantum Data Scientist
  • Whitfield Diffie – Co-Inventor of Public Key Encryption
  • Chad Rigetti –Rigetti Computing, CEO
  • Whurley – Strangeworks, Founder and CEO
  • Cathy McGeoch – D-Wave, Principal Research Scientist
  • Taro Shimada – Toshiba Corporation, Corporate Vice President and Chief Digital Officer
"As quantum technologies develop and mature, organizations are faced with both opportunities and challenges that arise from quantum's impact," said Lawrence Gasman, President of Inside Quantum Technology. "This year's Inside Quantum Technology summit will explore real-world use cases to provide actionable insights and strategies to our attendees, along with connections to the individuals who are leading the charge."

Inside Quantum Technology conference session topics include:
  • Investor and venture capital trends
  • Quantum computing hardware forecasts
  • New quantum sensor technologies and materials
  • Quantum network applications and forecasts
  • US national quantum technology policy
  • Quantum-based cybersecurity in mobile networks and payment systems
  • Quantum computing hardware startups: What are the opportunities?
  • AI, machine learning and quantum computing
  • Post-quantum cryptography
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Quantum technology for healthcare: imaging, therapy and planning
  • Quantum technology for the materials sector: pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, and oil and gas
  • Quantum technology for automotive, aerospace and transportation planning
  • Quantum technology in the banking and financial services
In addition, Inside Quantum Technology will feature a Startup Competition for seed-stage quantum technology organizations or academic based programs, who will pitch their startups to an audience of industry execs, VCs and other investors.

For additional details about Inside Quantum Technology, including the complete agenda, registration information, sponsorship and exhibition options, please visit

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