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Inside Quantum Technology – New York City: Call for Speakers

Inside Quantum Technology is looking for speakers for its next quantum technology conference and exhibition to be held on April 2-3, 2020 in New York City. Inside Quantum Technology – New York City (IQT-NYC) is a follow-on to our highly successful 2019 events in the US and Holland in 2019.

Press release from Inside Quantum Technology
November 5th 2019 | 951 readers

Photo by Dorian Mongel on Unsplash
Photo by Dorian Mongel on Unsplash
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We are especially interested in speakers who are currently using or plan to use these quantum technologies for practical purposes in computing, cryptography or sensing. We welcome, as speakers, pioneer users of quantum technology from financial services, aerospace, pharma and specialty chemical, healthcare, automotive and transportation, defense, government and R&D.  And we are also interested in speakers from the AI and machine learning community who are deploying quantum technologies in commercial applications.

IQT-NYC is a business-oriented conference and we are looking for speakers who can address the many opportunities stemming from the commercialization of quantum computers, quantum key distribution, post-quantum encryption, quantum networks, quantum sensors and the quantum Internet. 

IQT-NYC will provide comprehensive insights into the commercial future of all areas of quantum technology, presenting both opportunities available today and future applications for businesses and government.  IQT-NYC will be jointly organized with 3DR Holdings, which organized our other highly successful quantum technology events.

Attendees at IQT-NYC will hear about the future potential of quantum technology through several sessions presented by Inside Quantum Technology analysts, including up-to-date forecasts of penetration and revenue generation.  Speakers at the conference will also discuss government policy initiatives, funding programs and networking efforts designed to promote quantum technology in North America, Europe and Asia.

IQT-NYC will also feature an exhibition where leading quantum technology firms will display their latest products and strategies.  There will also be a “Symposium” devoted to emerging quantum technology components, chips and materials, and a Quantum Tech Startup Forum.

At IQT-NYC there will be plenty of time to network, do deals, meet new customers and see new products. In addition to its educational function, IQT-NYC will help attendees make new colleagues and discuss new opportunities in the quantum technology space. We are making special provisions to enable attendees to network with speakers and other attendees to exchange experiences and conduct business. We believe strongly that IQT-NYC conference will provide an environment where important business alliances can be forged, and deals can be done.

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