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NWO KLEIN grant for Stacey Jeffrey and Marie Colette van Lieshout

CWI Researchers Stacey Jeffery (Algorithms and Complexity group/QuSoft) and Marie Colette van Lieshout (Stochastics group) have been awarded a grant from the NWO KLEIN programme. KLEIN (or ‘small scale’) grants are intended for innovative, high-quality, fundamental research and/or studies involving matters of scientific urgency.

Press release from CWI
October 12th 2019 | 431 readers

Stacey Jeffrey and Marie Colette van Lieshout
Stacey Jeffrey and Marie Colette van Lieshout
Stacey Jeffery will use the grant for a project titled "Quantum time-space tradeoff lower bounds" In this project she will investigate ways to optimize algorithms that can be used on Quantum Computers.

There are many known algorithms that allow quantum computers to solve specific problems. Many of the fastest algorithms, requiring the least time, unfortunately require the largest amount of “memory” in the quantum computer, while algorithms that require little memory are typically very slow. In this research, Stacey will investigate whether or not algorithms can be both optimized for memory usage as well as speed of computation, or whether or not some compromise is always necessary. She will develop new methodologies to gain insight into the interaction between time and memory that a quantum computer needs to solve computational problems.

Marie Colette van Lieshout has received the funding for her research proposal titled "State estimation for spatio-temporal point processes with applications to criminology".

The researchers will develop a spatio-temporal point process model and propose tools for state estimation that can be used to identify areas and time slots at increased risk of crimes. This will enable the authorities to use resources, such as patrol capacity, intelligently and to launch public awareness campaigns where and when they are most needed.

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