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NXM Labs Announces Breakthrough in Quantum-Safe Security for Existing Computers and IoT Devices

NXM QUAKE Strengthens Existing Security and IT Practices to Keep Devices, Software, Communications and Data Safe from Future Quantum Attacks.

Press release from NXM Labs
April 27th 2019 | 369 readers

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash
NXM Labs, Inc., the leader in autonomous security and data integrity solutions, today announced NXM QUAKE (Quantum Augmented Key Encapsulation), a ground-breaking security solution that protects existing computers and connected devices against the threat of future quantum attacks. It will be demonstrated for the first time at the Quantum Summit in Toronto.
NXM QUAKE Key Features and Benefits:
Software/firmware solution that is designed to be easily installed by system administrators and integrators and does not require changes to existing security protocols or enterprise processes.
Requires very little computing resources and is designed to run on any embedded hardware or system, from low power sensors to the largest servers.
Takes advantage of NXM's future-proof agile crypto framework that protects against evolving threats by enabling devices to automatically change their keys and/or encryption schemes on-demand at any time.
Closing the "Quantum Gap"
Rapid advances in quantum computing are leading inevitably to the day that a quantum computer will be able to quickly crack existing encryption systems, threatening gobal financial institutions, national security as well as personal privacy. NXM QUAKE enables private, public and national security organizations to act now to safeguard critical computers, devices and data assets against current and evolving security threats by means of a simple software upgrade.

NXM QUAKE was developed through an industry-academic partnership between Ryerson University Cybersecurity Research Lab and NXM. The patent-pending technology is currently being tested on NXM's autonomous IoT security platform. The first commercial implementation will be in connected and autonomous vehicles this year.
NXM QUAKE forms part of NXM's autonomous security methodology that enables connected devices to automatically manage their own security without human intervention. This is achieved using blockchain and agile cryptography. Self-governing devices autonomously maintain and update their encryption keys based on whoever holds the root of trust.

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