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QAN Releases Quantum Computing Guide Revealing the Risks to Blockchain Security

Quantum-resistant blockchain platform QAN has released an ebook highlighting the threat posed by quantum computing. The document gauges the security of current blockchains, and the likelihood of a quantum computing breakthrough breaking their cryptography.

Press release from QAN
October 23rd 2019 | 3696 readers

QAN Releases Quantum Computing Guide Revealing the Risks to Blockchain Security
The 39-page ebook provides a non-sensationalist assessment of the current capabilities of quantum computing. It reveals:
  • What quantum hardness means
  • Why quantum safety is needed
  • The best post-quantum algorithms to protect crypto networks
  • How to create a quantum-proof future
Johann Polecsak, CTO of QAN and co-author of the ebook, said:  "Many IT professionals and CTOs are neglecting and even denying quantum computing threats with the flawed reasoning that it must surely be a long time ahead, when the reality is that this threshold is likely to be reached in the next five years."

In "Quantum Computing and Blockchain: The Definitive Guide," the authors explain why it's not too late to address the threat posed by quantum computing, but why action needs to be taken now before a major breakthrough is made.

Quantum computing is a widely misunderstood field due to its complexity and the media's tendency to misstate the implications of quantum breakthroughs made by companies such as Google. Tech literate US presidential candidate Andrew Yang, however, has demonstrated his knowledge of the matter, explaining: "Quantum computers, using qubits, will theoretically be able to perform the calculations necessary to break our current encryptions standards in under a day. When that happens, all of our encrypted data will be vulnerable. That means our businesses, communications channels, and banking and national security systems may be accessible."

"Quantum Computing and Blockchain: The Definitive Guide" provides the most authoritative and in-depth analysis of the threat framed within a blockchain context to date. Its factual description of the current state of quantum computing is accompanied by practical steps to mitigating the risk posed by a quantum breakthrough. Its authors hope the guide will become the gold standard by which quantum threats to cryptography are understood and assessed. To raise awareness of the current state of quantum computing, and the time left before a breakthrough affects crypto networks, the 39-page ebook has been made available for free download.

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