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QCI Introduces Simplified Cloud Access and Software Execution for Wide Selection of Quantum Computers via Mukai

Quantum Computing Inc. (OTCQB: QUBT) (QCI), a technology leader in quantum-ready applications and tools, and only public pure play in the quantum computer space, now offers simplified access to several of the world’s top quantum computers (QCs) with its industry-leading Mukai™ software development and execution platform.

Press release from Quantum Computing
August 27th 2020 | 209 readers

QCI Introduces Simplified Cloud Access and Software Execution for Wide Selection of Quantum Computers via Mukai
QCI is the first company with a quantum software development and execution platform to provide the widest selection of QCs via the cloud, including those offered by IonQ, D-Wave, IBM, Rigetti, and others.

The same high-level constrained-optimization interface Mukai provides for running applications using its state-of-the-art classical solver can now be used to solve problems on a range of quantum computers, but without any program changes or setting up individual accounts with each QC provider.

Developers can now exploit and evaluate different quantum processing units (QPUs) simply by selecting the target QC from within the Mukai interface. Mukai’s software execution layer can also direct the execution of problems to either classical (Intel® or AMD processor-based) or a hybrid of quantum and classical computers, based on user guidance. 

Mukai users do not need to learn or implement the varying highly technical methods of connecting the classical environment to the target QC. By providing a common, simplified interface, Mukai can save developers and programmers significant time and resources, while vastly accelerating the development process. 

Mukai is also the first and only platform to achieve best-in-class performance and deliver performance advantages using quantum computing software tools running on classical computers. The results of this breakthrough in performance was recently published in a benchmark study.

“Every QC available today takes a different approach to quantum processing, so different ones may be better suited to certain types of constrained-optimization problems than others,” noted QCI chief technology officer, Mike Booth. “Our broad selection of available QCs delivered by Mukai’s simplified interface provides developers a much easier way to test their applications on different platforms.”

Mukai also allows developers and organizations to discover how they can migrate their existing applications to quantum-ready solutions today and realize superior performance — even when running their solutions on classical computers.

QCI recently launched a free trial that grants full access to the entire, fully functioning Mukai software platform. It includes the Mukai API for calling on a proprietary set of highly optimized quantum-ready solvers that execute on a cloud-based classical computer infrastructure and delivers differentiated performance for many quantum-ready algorithms.

The platform’s QuOIR™ optimization layer makes it easier to apply Mukai’s superior performance to real-world constrained-optimization problems by automatically calculating a balance between obeying constraints and finding an optimal solution.

Mukai’s cloud-based approach provides developers a highly effective and practical way to develop quantum-ready applications. While quantum computing is typically a very high-dollar investment given the sophisticated and costly hardware requirements, Mukai makes quantum application development and execution more affordable, easier, flexible, and readily scalable.

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