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QCI and Meraglim Join Forces to Deliver Capital Markets Risk Analysis Powered by QCI’s Mukai Quantum Computing Software Platform

Quantum Computing Inc. (OTCQB: QUBT) (QCI), the technology leader in quantum-ready software development and execution, and the only public pure play in quantum computing, has partnered with Meraglim Holdings Corporation to deliver advanced capital market risk analysis powered by QCI’s performance-leading Mukai™ quantum software development and execution platform.

Press release from Quantum Computing
December 3rd 2020 | 1387 readers

Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash
Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash
As an industry leader in predictive analytics, Meraglim was the first company to combine complexity science with human and machine intelligence to create a predictive analytics, “done for you” service. Meraglim’s Raven Predictive Analytics® is a patent-pending enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) designed to help C-Suite leaders and institutional fiduciaries identify emergent risks and opportunities in complex adaptive systems like global corporate operations and capital markets. Meraglim is continuously refining and improving its risk models to incorporate more variables, which require more sophisticated analytic techniques and more computational power.

“Given Mukai’s superior performance in the development and execution of quantum-ready applications, along with easy access to the world’s most prominent quantum computers, we have chosen to partner with QCI to bring the power of quantum computing to our Raven Predictive Analytics® SaaS platform,” commented Meraglim president and CEO, Kevin W. Massengill. “We expect this to create a tremendous benefit for our clients, particularly those who want to model myriad scenarios and their impact on brand or portfolio optimization.”

Meraglim is led by a team of accomplished senior leaders from the capital markets, defense, and intelligence industries. They have collectively held top secret/sensitive compartmented information clearances, published an extensive body of peer-reviewed academic work, authored New York Times best-selling books in the field of global macro-economics, been granted numerous patents, and won industry awards for generating multi-billion dollar sales.

QCI CEO, Robert Liscouski, commented: “We see our partnership with Meraglim creating for Mukai a broad new entry into the finance and capital market industries. Risk management and better analysis of potential risk outcomes is a key area that could benefit from the advanced processing capabilities of quantum computing, and especially where we have elevated quantum concepts to create real performance advantages even when executing in the classical environment.”

A recent Forbes article presented the world’s top 10 digital transformational trends and highlighted how new industry partnerships are spurring unprecedented growth in the field of quantum computing. The article featured the technology alliance formed earlier this year between QCI and Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK), a $32 billion big-data analytics company with more than 17,500 customers worldwide, including 92 of the Fortune 100. The collaboration has initially been focused on network security, dynamic logistics and scheduling—three key areas of any business that could benefit the most from quantum computing.

“We understand that one of the fastest ways to deliver value to customers is to partner with successful companies that have an established base of customers and relationships,” continued Liscouski. “We see the potential to bring Mukai together with the data analytics capabilities of Meraglim’s Raven Predictive Analytics® SaaS platform to create uniquely powerful solutions that could revolutionize the way corporate managers and institutional investors read the market and respond to new opportunities. Partnering with Meraglim and its tremendous team of knowledgeable and skilled operators has made the road ahead a lot more exciting.”

Mukai Delivers Quantum Simplicity
Mukai is the first and only quantum software development and execution platform to deliver performance advantages with quantum-ready applications running in a classical environment (Intel® or AMD processor-based). Its best-in-class breakthrough in performance was highlighted in a benchmark study published earlier this year.

Mukai enables application developers to submit a binary constrained optimization problem to a quantum computer (QC) without having to learn deep mathematics or the various low-level details of the target computer, which can vary widely. While the simplicity in programming quantum-ready applications has long been available to Mukai users operating in the classical environment, the ability to easily create and submit such problems to a menu selection of cloud-based quantum computers is new and unique to Mukai 3.0, which was released on October 8.

Mukai supports easy, direct connections to the widest selection of the world’s top quantum computers, including those offered by IonQ, D-Wave, IBM and Rigetti.

Developers and organizations can try Mukai for free and discover firsthand how they can migrate their existing applications to quantum-ready solutions and realize superior performance in solving real-world problems—even when running their quantum-ready applications on classical computers. To learn more about Mukai 3.0 or the free trial, contact John Dawson at or sign up online here.

What is Quantum Computing?   
Quantum computing technology is based on exploiting the physics of nature's smallest objects, like single atoms and photons, rather than electronic circuits, to create the on-and-off states required for computations and signal transmission.

While traditional computers process and store the on-and-off information as either zeros or ones, quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, which can represent and store information as both zeros and ones simultaneously. As a result, a QC can potentially sort through a vastly larger set of possibilities and generate solutions faster and with better quality of results.

Such quantum-powered solutions could analyze the impact to revenue or business operations posed by adverse environmental events such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires and power outages. Companies could use quantum-powered solutions to minimize such disruptive, high-impact events in real-time by helping to guide their response.

Improved optimization can also help research and design efforts, like drug discovery, where better predicted protein folding can speed the design process and improve efficacy. Portfolio managers can maximize their return on investment by better optimizing their asset allocations.

Altogether, such applications can potentially generate hundreds of billions of dollars in savings annually. This is why the market for global quantum computing has started to grow at a rapid rate, now climbing at a 56% CAGR to reach $65 billion by 2030, according to Research and Markets. Commercial and government investment in quantum computing continues to gain momentum, as industrial manufacturers discover that adopting quantum technologies could help them maintain a competitive edge.

According to a recent article published on Yahoo! Finance featuring QCI, major corporations like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba and others are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to create quantum hardware that can be accessed by business enterprises via the cloud. Mukai enables companies to migrate their existing applications to quantum-ready solutions today and realize superior performance even when running their apps on classical computers.

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