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Quandela devices at the core of the Moscow Quantum Computer

Last week, part of Quandela’s team was in Russia for the installation of optical qubit sources at Moscow State University. On site, the Moscow research team is developing a quantum computer on an optical chip and aims to achieve 50qubits using Quandela’s technology.

Press release from Quandela
December 1st 2020 | 449 readers

Photo Quandela
Photo Quandela
The good news is that while the global COVID-19 pandemic has delayed it, it has not prevented the installation of Quandela’s components at the impressive Moscow State University in the center of Moscow. The highly efficient photonic quantum bit sources support Russian quantum computer projects, largely funded by the Russian state.

The advantage of the optical architecture developed at the University is that it is modular and the scalability of several hundred qubits is easily achievable within the next few years. The installation of additional Quandela transmitters is already under discussion. Russian quantum computer is on the way to include some “made in France” components. To be continued.

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