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Quantum Computing Announces Dr. Michael Liebman as Technical Advisor

Quantum Computing Inc. (OTC:QUBT) (QCI), a technology company developing applications for quantum computing, today announced the appointment of Dr. Michael Liebman, PhD, to serve on the QCI’s Technical Advisory Board.

Communiqué de Quantum Computing Inc.
March 21st 2020 | 607 readers

Dr. Michael Liebman
Dr. Michael Liebman
Robert Liscouski, CEO, Quantum Computing Inc. stated, “Michael applies his diverse background to identify and address the challenges of real-world clinical practice and real-world patients and how these impact healthcare and the development of both diagnostics and therapeutics.  He sees that the application of QCI’s unique approach and its highly qualified team in quantum computing to knowledge management and analysis in these areas can bring perspectives and results that were previously not attainable because of the complexity of the data and systems.”

“Dr. Liebman brings a unique perspective to QCI that will enable us to apply our quantum-enabled techniques specifically to the pharmaceutical industry and the overall healthcare domain.  Dr. Liebman is working closely with our applications development team to ensure that our next product is closely aligned with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as it moves into quantum computing,” stated Steve Reinhardt, VP of Product Development at Quantum Computing Inc.

Dr. Liebman’s research focuses on computational models of disease progression that stress risk detection, disease processes and clinical pathway modeling, and disease stratification from the clinical perspective.  He utilizes systems-based approaches and design thinking to represent and analyze risk/benefit analysis in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. 

“Billions of R&D dollars are being invested by pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for specific populations with specific diseases. Based on my research, I believe quantum computing techniques will have a significant impact on positive outcomes, resulting in better drug treatments and greater return on investment,” stated Dr. Liebman, QCI’s newly appointed Technical Advisor. “The combination of Quantum Computing Inc.’s talented technical team and my knowledge of the pharma and medical research industry will allow QCI to make a significant contribution to this field,” he added.

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