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Quantum Exponential joins the ICFO’s Corporate Liaison Programme

Quantum Exponential Group plc (AQUIS: QBIT), a company focused on investing in quantum technology, is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Photonics Centre of Excellence in Barcelona (‘ICFO’), a Spanish research institute that is made up of 80 state-of- the-art laboratories whose research is devoted to science and technology of Photonics, the physical science and application of light waves. Quantum Exponential’s four year membership will be as part of the ICFO’s Corporate Liaison Programme (CLP) under the category of Member of the Programme that aims at creating continuous collaborations and links between the Company and ICFO researchers.

Press release from Quantum Exponential
August 22nd 2022 | 312 readers

Photo by Benjamín Gremler on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamín Gremler on Unsplash
ICFO’s CLP Membership highlights include:
• Access to a custom-made action plan from a member of ICFO’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer team, to determine points of interest between Quantum Exponential’s investment interests and the activities and initiatives carried out at ICFO.
• Ability to connect with leading industry scientists and quantum initiatives through a programme of events, seminars, workshops, lectures and other activities organised by ICFO.
• ICFO will facilitate such connections and help establish relationships between CLP members and the Company to allow collaborative activities, cooperation agreements, or joint activities such as participation in research projects.
• Access to a network of industry leaders.
• Increased visibility of Quantum Exponential to investors with the promotion of the Company at ICFO institutional presentations and events.
• Attendance at ICFO’s liaison day, an annual networking event organised by the ICFO for all programme members, as well as support to organise further events between Quantum Exponential and ICFO members and vice versa.

Commenting on the membership, Steven Metcalfe, Chief Executive Officer at Quantum Exponential, said: “The Institute of Photonic Sciences is regarded globally as a European leader in developing cutting edge quantum technologies relating to photonics. Joining as a member of the programme offers up significant opportunity for Quantum Exponential to increase its access to early-stage quantum technology companies and industry spin-offs.

“We are confident that being part of its Corporate Liaison Programme aligns with our existing investment strategy and will allow us to create lucrative partnerships in order to access, finance and help develop early-stage quantum companies emerging from the ICFO.”

Silvia Carrasco, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Director at ICFO, commented: “We expect Quantum Exponential Group PLC to be a key partner in developing and financing early- stage companies emerging from ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. ICFO is a leading European centre of excellence in photonics and quantum technologies and through their Knowledge and Technology Transfer team (KTT) have already produced several spinouts with unique technology. The KTT team is responsible for establishing strategic alliances and collaborations and ensure the smooth transfer from the lab into society.

“The next few years will see an upsurge in commercialisation of numerous and varied quantum enabled applications.
“We anticipate Quantum Exponential’s experience in investing and nurturing early-stage quantum technology companies combined with their deep sector relationships will help such fledgling businesses flourish and create a rich eco-system.”

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