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Quantum Finance Startup QuantFi Joins the IBM Q Network

QuantFi has agreed to join the IBM Q Network and looks forward to collaborating with IBM on quantum computing projects focused on the finance industry.

Press release from QuantFi
January 8th 2020 | 978 readers

Paul Hiriart, Co-founder of QuantFi
Paul Hiriart, Co-founder of QuantFi
We are a Franco-American deeptech start-up, specialized in quantum software for finance, with research centers in Paris and London.

QuantFi is a grassroots business that champions young post-graduate scientists creating solutions for complex financial problems.

Through our research, we are creating valuable intellectual property aimed at various clients and strategic partners such as banks, insurance companies and assets managers.

From its home base in France, QuantFi is exclusively using IBM Q quantum computing systems over the cloud.

These activities are contributing to the development of the French quantum computing ecosystem, leveraging collaborations with the IBM Q team in France and parties such as University of Montpellier.

QuantFi focuses for the moment on three types of use cases:
• Trend Detection
• Derivative Pricing and Risk Management
• Portfolio Management
and relies, among others, on the scientific pillars of ZX-calculus and quantum formulation of financial problems. We sell our research expertise in the US, EU, Singapore, and Japan.

QuantFi's long-term plan is to capitalize on its unique scientific and technological advantages by applying its proprietary technology to the management of funds.

The CEO, Paul Hiriart comments: "We are excited to be part of the IBM Q Network and look forward to our future collaborations with IBM in complement to our academic partnerships with CNRS (France), UCL (UK), ENS (France), Sorbonne University (France), Keio University (Japan) and others".

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