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Quantum devices successfully built for qubit control

Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE) is pleased to announce the Company has successfully built the quantum devices required for initial qubit control measurements as part of a significant phase in its technology development related to the operation of the 12CQ room-temperature quantum computing qubit processor.

Press release from Archer
August 11th 2020 | 3033 readers

Quantum devices successfully built for qubit control
  • Qubit control devices have been built for quantum control measurements to characterise Archer’s unique 12CQ qubit processor chip components.
  • Archer and the Company’s collaborators rapidly developed qubit control devices ‘end-to-end’ using in-house expertise and local world-class facilities.
  • Quantum control measurements are a world-first and successful development would be early-stage validation of 12CQ chip operation.
  • 12CQ chip build is advancing, recently achieving key disruptive early-stage technology milestones in the global quantum computing economy.
Commenting on the Company’s 12CQ chip development, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “We commenced our technology development related to qubit control a few weeks ago and now the first devices have been built to perform the initial [qubit control] measurements related to Archer’s 12CQ chip operation. We have remained on track in our development since we first commenced the project in April 2019."

“Qubit control is explicitly our next big technological milestone. Over the coming months, Company shareholders will expect to see a series of results that will be released to ASX by Archer that relate to qubit control – a key requirement of quantum computing processors. When successful, the work would be major validation, at a relatively early-stage of the overall development of a quantum computing processor, of the commercial viability of the 12CQ chip”.

The Archer team has built and begun testing prototype qubit control devices in Sydney with collaborating institutes. The initial prototyped ESR device has the primary benefit of providing the magnetic ultra-sensitivity to establish quantitative measurements (i.e. characterisation) of the quantum information residing on very few qubit material components.

The initial ESR device design is intended to allow for qubit control measurements only at low temperatures to maximise the Primary Benefit, with the associated operation temperatures unrelated to Archer’s qubits’ demonstrated potential to operate at room temperature. The ESR device assembly is unique and unoptimised, subject to changing functional configurations.

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