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Quick Release of Data Could Stop a Pandemic

USCHAG is a technology company focused on helping people live better lives.

Press release from USCHAG
March 12th 2020 | 430 readers

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash
Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash
U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group, a company that uses deep learning algorithms to advocate on behalf of consumers within the health and wellness space has started to study the contagion pattern of COVID-19.  They have discovered, by collecting and releasing collated data related to the path COVID-19 has taken, the ability to track and predict the spread of the virus, in real time via an open source platform, which could be instrumental in containment and future outbreak control.

While the epidemiology of the disease has already identified the genome responsible for the virus, the patterns by which the virus spreads are still wholly unknown.  This is where open source data collection and release can step in and alleviate the public panic that comes with the unknowns of a major public health situation.

USCHAG CEO, Scott George says, "Lack of information is often the catalyst for mass panic when it comes to fast spreading disease.  We see some very applicable ways to help contain and educate through data that can be collated on the quantum level, that when released, has the ability to definitively slow or even stop the spread of these super bugs and viruses before they reach pandemic proportions."

USCHAG uses technology, mostly based in Artificial Intelligence and accelerated by quantum computing to solve a myriad of healthcare issues.  By using open source data via sources like we can effectively guide the proactive response by health care providers as epidemics grow.  Open source data is the key to quickly assessing health issues and creating plans and procedures, before the crisis can get out of control. 

"Imagine the application of open source data to solve any problem, quickly, due to the massive amounts of data being shared in real time.  This is in stark contrast to how data is collected and correlated now.  Moving to an open source platform of data sharing flies in the face of conventional scientific findings, which currently includes peer review and curation of data in a more analog system," George states.

Through over a decade of research and development, U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG) was able to build a consortium of professionals from all areas of the healthcare industry. With the consumers best interest in mind always, our healthcare advocates ensure top quality care for USCHAG members through its combination of compassionate people and deep learning artificial intelligence. George states, "Knowing that our long-term solution for improving the healthcare system for all can be applied to solve surprise crisis situations, makes our mission all the more crucial."

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