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Revenues from Quantum Key Distribution to Reach Almost $850 Million by 2025

New York, New York: According to a new report from Inside Quantum Technology (, the worldwide market for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) will near $850 million in 2025 and then go on to around $4.0 million by 2029. QKD is a technique that ensures perfect security on a transmission line, guaranteed by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Press release from Inside Quantum Technology
August 12th 2020 | 1051 readers

Revenues from Quantum Key Distribution to Reach Almost $850 Million by 2025
More details on the report, Quantum Key Distribution: The Next Generation – A Ten-year Forecast and Revenue Assessment: 2020 to 2029 can be found at:  

About the Report 
Inside Quantum Technology has covered the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) market since 2014. We were the first industry analysis firm to predict that quantum security in mobile phones would become a significant revenue earner in the short-term. This report has been compiled from interviews from key players in the industry as well as with the assistance of government intelligence experts. 

There have been some big developments in the QKD space since our previous report. The ITU-T standardization is near complete while both the US and UK governments have announced funding for large-scale quantum networks with QKD as a central component and the QuantumCTek IPO may be the beginning of the new public companies in this space. 

This report contains ten-year forecasts of QKD for each of the major applications sections including national and civil government, the financial sector, telecommunications, data centers, utilities, infrastructure, mobile communications and possible consumer markets. There are also forecast broken out by end-user country and transportation type (satellite, fiber optic and free space). In addition, the report contains strategic profiles of the “A list” of QKD including ABB, Cambridge Quantum Computing, ID Quantique, KETS Quantum, MagiQ Technologies, Nokia, QuantumCTek, QuantumXChange, Qubitekk, Quintessence Labs, SK Telecom and Toshiba. 

From the Report
QKD for the data center with us soon: Adoption of QKD for conventional business communications is a small opportunity right now and we don’t expect a real take off until 2025. By 2029 we expect the market for “data center QKD” to reach about $180 million. Early opportunities in data center QKD will be found in private firms that do business with governments, where QKD may actually be mandated someday. Another early target market are R&D centers, where so much high-tech data is vulnerable to theft.

QKD and he rise of China in QKD: SmarTech’s estimates are that China currently accounts for about 36 percent of worldwide QKD revenues and will account for $1,329.0 of QKD revenues by 2029. The growing political and military rivalry between China and the US is a key driver for QKD deployment in both countries, especially as China is recording significant steps forward in this area. For example, Chinese researchers have successfully performed full QKD between two ground stations located 1200 km from each other with the aid of a satellite and the recent IPO of QuantumCTeK IPO shows.

QKD and PQC: Together at last: Until quite recently, Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) were marketed as a rival to QKD. However, they are now seeming synergetic; so much so that some firms are offering both. What the IT world is coming to recognize is that PQC itself could ultimately succumb to the quantum threat if powerful quantum computers are built, this PQC may ultimately need QKD to survive. Note that Inside Quantum Technology has also recently published an analyst report on PQC markets [ ]

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