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Woodside joins MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and IBM Q Network

Woodside and IBM will work together to re-imagine the way work is done using next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing to help Woodside realise its vision of an “intelligent plant”.

Press release from Woodside
November 12th 2019 | 1691 readers

Photo by Charlie Hang on Unsplash
Photo by Charlie Hang on Unsplash
Announced today at IBM’s Cloud Innovation Exchange in Sydney by Woodside CEO Peter Coleman and IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty, the collaboration will include Woodside becoming a member of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, which is a collaborative industrial-academic laboratory focused on advancing fundamental AI research.
Woodside will also join the IBM Q Network, making it the first commercial organisation in Australia to join IBM’s quantum computing network. Woodside and IBM will use quantum computing to conduct deep computational simulations across the value chain of Woodside’s business.
announcement represents the next phase of that journey.
“IBM is excited to join with Woodside, one of our first Watson clients globally, to help enable their pioneering vision of developing an intelligent plant,” said Ms Rometty. “Together, Woodside and IBM will push the frontiers of innovation, working with the world’s most advanced researchers in quantum computing and next generation AI.”
During the past five years Woodside and IBM have worked together to implement cognitive solutions, enabling advances in health and safety, planning and operations, and project engineering. Today’s “We are deploying advanced technologies to capture, analyse and use all available data as we progress our Burrup Hub growth plans, reducing costs and risk whilst improving reliability and production performance. The relationship with IBM has been a crucial part of our work in artificial intelligence and will now assist us to build capability in quantum computing,” said Mr Coleman.

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