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Zapata AI and IonQ Collaborate to Advance Generative AI Research

Strategic Alliance Agreement Will Explore Benchmarking Industrial Generative AI Techniques on Quantum Hardware.

Press release from Zapata Computing
August 15th 2023 | 247 readers

Zapata AI and IonQ Collaborate to Advance Generative AI Research
Zapata AI, a software company building solutions to enterprises’ most computationally complex problems, today announced it has entered a strategic alliance with IonQ, an industry leader in quantum computing hardware and commercial quantum application development. Building on years of previous work together, the teams will benchmark generative AI techniques on quantum hardware to uncover new potential advantages of quantum computing that could help solve complex real-world business problems.

This alliance expands previous quantum collaboration between IonQ and Zapata with a focus on generative AI. The partnership will bring Zapata’s application development experts and IonQ’s scientists, advanced compute technology, and services together to deliver on joint generative AI projects. Additionally, the partnership will also drive joint go-to-market activities to scale the delivery of IonQ’s advanced compute services with Zapata’s products for enterprise customers.

“IonQ’s commercial success is a reflection of the value that our customers attribute to our systems, yet the onramp into quantum computing can be challenging. Our partnership with Zapata will remove roadblocks and accelerate quantum adoption,” said Rima Alameddine, CRO at IonQ. “We are excited to continue our work with Zapata and are confident that this partnership will drive new breakthroughs in the development of generative AI models and help enterprise companies better solve industrial-scale problems.”

This strategic agreement builds upon a proven track record of the two companies working together successfully, including a first-of-its-kind project to generate high-quality, real-world data using quantum hardware, as well as a multi-year award for quantum benchmarking from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

“We’re looking forward to building on our previous work together and diving deeper into quantum generative AI,” said Yudong Cao, CTO and co-founder at Zapata. “Quantum-enhanced generative modeling is the first place we expect to see a quantum advantage for industrial problems, including drug discovery, optimization, language processing, and predictive analytics. We’re excited to see what impact we could create with IonQ’s advanced technology.”

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