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Quantum Brilliance has raised $26m in funding

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February 15th 2023 | 893 readers

Photo Quantum Brilliance
Photo Quantum Brilliance
Quantum computing start-up, Quantum Brilliance, has raised $26m in funding to expand its research lab in Melbourne and hire more researchers for its Research Hub for Diamond Quantum Materials.
The funding round was led by Breakthrough Victoria, an investment fund established by the Victorian Government, and included investors such as CSIRO’s venture fund Main Sequence, Investible, Ultratech Capital, MA Financial, Jelix Ventures, Rampersand, and CM Equity.
The company, which employs 90 people split between Australia and Germany, makes compact quantum computers that use synthetic diamonds and can operate at room temperature in any environment. The small form factor and low power consumption of these quantum computers could help driverless cars make decisions or supercomputers solve tough science problems.
The company also plans to use the funding to develop a hybrid quantum-classical computing platform in partnership with chipmaker NVIDIA. Quantum Brilliance is yet to build a quantum computer that delivers a computational benefit over a classical computer, but it is already selling its prototype hardware and software to customers.

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