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We are a step closer to making multi-tasking 'quantum' computers

A team of scientists at the University of Sussex have made a significant breakthrough in quantum computing, paving the way for the development of multi-tasking quantum computers that are far more powerful than even today's most advanced supercomputers.

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February 15th 2023 | 3726 readers

We are a step closer to making multi-tasking 'quantum' computers
Quantum computers use the strange properties of sub-atomic particles, which can be in two places at the same time and also strangely connected, even though they are millions of miles apart. According to Professor Winfried Hensinger, who led the research team, the development overcomes the need to transfer quantum information between chips quickly and reliably, which has been a stumbling block in developing practical systems, and in principle, chips could be slotted together to make a more powerful quantum computer. The team has transferred quantum information between computer chips at record speeds and accuracy, demonstrating that extremely powerful quantum computers capable of solving some of the most important problems for industries and society can be realized. The technology could potentially be used to design drugs more quickly, provide even more accurate systems to forecast weather and project the impact of climate change, and transform the design process for aircraft engines. Rolls Royce is working with the Sussex researchers to develop machines that could help them design even better jet engines.

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