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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/11/02

Featuring Nu Quantum, D:Wave, Japan...

November 2nd 2019 | 2622 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

Do you know "Transcendence"? A 2014 movie, where Johnny Depp sees the content of his brain uploaded into a quantum computer. This is just one example, but Hollywood could help us understand what quantum computing will change in the world, the day after tomorrow. The imagination and creativity of filmmakers have always been ahead of the times. Of course, they can imagine almost anything; even if science has not yet demonstrated the feasibility of their imagination. James Jay Carafano discusses these links between cinema and technology, for The National Interest, from the perspective of quantum computing.
Volkswagen recently announced a transport optimization system based on a quantum computer from D:Wave at the WebSummit in Lisbon. In general, the development of smart cities could well be achieved in the future through quantum computing. The number of objects, the singularity of their paths, the multiple possible options, make it a perfect subject for study in quantum computing. It would be a question of developing the nervous system of a smart city, relying on a quantum computer.
Japan is investing in quantum cryptography, used to secure communications of the future. A budget of 300 million yen (about 2.8 million USD) has been released, around a precise timetable: tests in 2022, production started in 2027.
Beginning of financing for the Nu Quantum company. It has just obtained an initial investment of £650,000, coordinated by Amadeus Capital Partners. The goal is to develop new secured wireless communication systems between space and earth. After eight years of research, the company seems ready to move into the pre-production phase.

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