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​ExxonMobile, the first energy company to join IBM Q Network

In addition to the Las Vegas CES, and the IBM Q System One announcement, IBM also announced Exxon's alignment with its IBM Q Network strategic program.

January 9th 2019 | 425 readers

​ExxonMobile, the first energy company to join IBM Q Network
It is the first company in the energy sector to join the manufacturer's research program.

The objective of this IBM-led organization is to work on concrete scenarios for putting quantum computing research into practice on use cases. The IBM Q Network is the link between fundamental and applied research in enterprises. According to ExxonMobile's Vice President of Research and Development, the challenges of developing new energies, and those facing the industry in the coming decades, far exceed the current capabilities of traditional computers. He mentioned in particular the field of simulation, which made it possible to develop new products, more complex and faster. Concrete applications are mentioned: such as the optimization of the electricity grid, predictive models of environmental impact, or calculations related to new materials for carbon capture and sequestration.

There is no doubt that the most complex equation the world faces is that of energy: ever-increasing consumer demand, and the need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. This is one of the objectives set by IBM and the partners in the IBM Q Network.

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