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France will reveal its strategy on quantum computing during 2019

France will reveal in 2019 its strategy on quantum computing The quantum computing should revolutionize computing by allowing an exponential growth in computing power for certain types of applications.

April 9th 2019 | 692 readers

Photo IBM
Photo IBM
France will announce in 2019 its strategy on quantum computing, said Monday the Minister for Higher Education and Research Frédérique Vidal, by opening new IBM offices on the Saclay plateau dedicated to research and development.
"In 2019, France will announce a strategy around quantum physics, because here too we have arguments to make," the minister said, referring to the strategy on artificial intelligence announced a year ago by Emmanuel Macron, after the report by MP Cédric Villani.
These French initiatives "make it possible to involve other European countries" for the definition of the future European research program Horizon Europe (2021-2027, for which the European Commission proposes to invest 100 billion euros), she said.
Quantum computation must revolutionize computing by allowing an exponential growth in computing power for certain types of applications.
In the company of Mr Villani, the Secretary of State for Digital Technology, Cedric O, and the President of IBM France, Nicolas Sekkaki, the Minister inaugurated the embryo of a future research and development centre for the American giant on the Saclay plateau, a key centre for French technological research.
The center currently employs about 30 IBM experts in artificial intelligence, but IBM has launched the construction of a new building on the site that will eventually house 350 people, employees of IBM and companies and institutions associated with the American giant's research programs.
IBM's arrival in Saclay is one of the announcements made last year as part of the announcement of Mr. Macron's plan for artificial intelligence.
IBM also announced the hiring of 400 artificial intelligence experts, 200 of whom have already been hired, Sekkaki said.
In particular, IBM plans to make France a world centre of expertise in business automation.
The French experts will also work on projects related to autonomous vehicles.
France plans to invest €1.5 billion in artificial intelligence over the five-year period.
(From AFP)

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