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Quantaneo, the Quantum Co Quantaneo, the Quantum Co

Her behavioral protocol is managed by a separate quantum processor....

In the coming months, we will see more and more quantum processors, or quantum computers... on television... Rightly or wrongly, as in Dan Brown's book Origin, quantum will be the hero of many fictions.

August 25th 2019 | 684 readers

Like the Russian series, "Better than us", shot in 2018 and currently available on Netflix. It is all about robots, humanoids, feminine, and their impact on the couple and society. The Cronos company sells incredibly humanlike "personal assistants", and it is discovered from the very first minutes that quantum is at the heart of the new version: "Its behavioral protocol is managed by a separate quantum processor," explains Viktor Toropov, Cronos' CEO in the series, by unveiling the test version of his new robot to one of his friends.
A first season, of sixteen episodes, is available on Netflix. Two seasons have been shot.

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