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Oxford Ionics have raised £30 million in Series A funding from some of the world’s leading quantum and tech investors

Oxford Ionics, a company founded in 2019, has raised £30 million in Series A funding from quantum and tech investors, including Oxford Science Enterprises and Braavos Investment Advisers.

January 9th 2023 | 343 readers

Oxford Ionics' founders Dr Tom Harty and Dr Chris Ballance.
Oxford Ionics' founders Dr Tom Harty and Dr Chris Ballance.
The company specializes in designing and scaling trapped ion quantum computing technology, which has consistently outperformed other technologies in tests. Oxford Ionics' technology holds world records for the highest performance quantum operations, longest quantum coherence time, and highest performance quantum network, and has been shown to maintain this performance using chips manufactured on a semiconductor production line. The company's trapped-ion processors use a proprietary, patented Electronic Qubit Control system to control qubits, which allows for the combination of the quantum performance of individual atoms with the scalability and reliability of electronics integrated into silicon chips. The funding will be used to hire additional staff and further the company's expansion.

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