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Pasqal rolls out Pulser Studio, a ‘no-code’ development platform

January 9th 2023 | 380 readers

Photo de Roman Synkevych
Photo de Roman Synkevych
Pasqal, a French company, has launched Pulser Studio, a "no-code development platform for neutral atoms quantum computers." Pulser Studio allows users to design and simulate pulse sequences for quantum processors without needing to know how to code. The platform includes a built-in emulator that can simulate sequences for small systems in the browser, and will be regularly updated and integrated with real quantum processors through Pasqal's cloud platform. It is open and free to corporate and academic users who sign up for its beta program. The release of Pulser Studio comes as several companies using neutral atoms technology for quantum computers, such as Cold Quanta and QuEra, have made headlines in the past year.

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