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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/04/08

With inside: car manufacturers, Fujitsu Digital Annealer, and predictions of Greg Satell

April 8th 2019 | 887 readers

Your daily press review from Quantaneo

Car manufacturers would be interested in quantum computing and would be willing to invest in it, to solve problems such as traffic optimization, the design of new batteries, and of course autonomous vehicles.
The energy revolution, the development of synthetic biology, the end of Moore's Law and the explosion in the development of artificial intelligence (through quantum computing and neuromorphic chips) are the three major technological breakthroughs that will change our world, according to Greg Satell.
At the Hannover Messe in Germany last week, Fujitsu presented demonstrations of its Digital Annealer, a proprietary technology inspired by quantum computing, without really being one. It would allow to solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems instantly. The demonstrations were presented as part of the deployment of the 4.0 industry concept.

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