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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/04/09

With inside: India, China, Quantum Internet, Microsoft, and American chips industry

April 9th 2019 | 422 readers

Your daily press review from Quantaneo

For the American microprocessor industry, the next few years will be pivotal. China intends to become the leader in the next generation of microchips, with an investment plan of $150 billion over ten years. An investment that worries American leaders including Intel, Nvidia, Texas Instruments. They are asking the American government to plan a $52.5 billion investment plan over the next five years in research and training in the sector, and this of course includes the development of the next quantum chips.
In a few days' time, the Internet Economy Summit, to be held in Hong Kong, will review major technological trends. This will of course also be the case for quantum computing.
Microsoft is relying on India and its cohorts of computer engineers to train in new quantum technologies. The software vendor has entered into an agreement with the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH), in order to sensitize students to quantum programming, and of course to the use of Q#.
Dutch researchers are preparing the quantum internet. They presented the progress of their work at a conference in Bristol. Recognizing that the current state of research is close to the beginnings of Arpanet, researchers nevertheless imagine that it will be possible to send qubits to the network they are building, starting next year.

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