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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/04/27

Featuring IBM, Deloitte Canada, Strangeworks...

April 27th 2019 | 315 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

Through an article by Duncan Stewart, Duncan Stewart, director of Technology, Media, and Telecommunications research, Deloitte Canada, the Wall Street Journal examines quantum computing and its challenges. Two interesting predictions: first of all, you will have to be patient, very patient... the first major commercial developments should appear in 2030, not before! On the other hand, for those who will be motivated enough to invest in advance, the global market for quantum computing could be similar to that of current supercomputers, i.e. about $50 billion per year.
Yesterday, a presentation of Strangeworks' work was held in Austin, Texas, by Andrew J. Ochoa. Strangeworks' Quantum Computing Platform (QCP) provides tools to use and access quantum computing devices that support both quantum gates and the quantum annealing paradigm in the short term.
IBM has registered the IBM Q EXPERIENCE brand.... we are moving towards the first commercial offers around the IBM Q platform ;-)

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