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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/05/12

Featuring MIT Technology Review, NASA, University of Edinburgh, Market And Research, VW...

May 12th 2019 | 297 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

When will the first quantum computers reach the famous quantum supremacy? And how can it be unequivocally demonstrated? MIT Technology Review has examined the subject and publishes a summary of the work of Benjamin Villalonga of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab (NASA Ames Research Center) located in Mountain View, California. Let us not forget, indeed, that quantum computers are emerging, but that supercomputers’ power continue to grow. It is therefore necessary for the industry to agree on measurement and comparison tools that are not dependent on a supplier's commercial offers.
From July 22 to 25 will be held in Scotland one of the first UK Hackathon on quantum computing. Supported by Rigetti, this event will be divided into two sessions, allowing beginners and advanced programmers to solve different problems. The event is organized by the University of Edinburgh.
The market for "reports" and "studies" on quantum computing and its challenges is booming. “Research And Market” announced the availability of a new study that focuses on the quantum cryptography market, and in particular China's role. Published in January 2019, containing 156 pages, this study costs several thousand dollars... to study before buying...
There is a lot of talk about quantum computing in the world of transportation and the automobile in particular. VW, Bosch, Ford, Daimler, invest in quantum computing and develop their first prototypes. Starting next November, at the Lisbon Web Summit, Volkswagen plans to offer an application to optimize the taxi offer, based on quantum algorithms.

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