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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/05/20

Featuring CIAT, European administration, university of tokyo...

May 20th 2019 | 462 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

Could tax administrations benefit from quantum computing, and how? This is the question Antonio Seco is answering on behalf of CIAT (Inter-American Center of Tax Administration). Few specific applications are envisaged. But traditionally, however, the search for behaviors in large volumes of data, machine learning and cryptography could be of interest to tax administrations.
What are the trends in quantum computing research ? It is through a kind of literature review that Adarsh Sandhu, Professor at "The University of Electro-Communications", Tokyo, Japan, tries to answer them. This is the "physics - chemistry" field which has been ahead of the curve for ten years, in terms of the number of scientific articles published. But the field of artificial intelligence and image processing, which was at the bottom in 2008, is now the third most important subject.
The major research projects funded by Europe are in a fog. The "Horizon 2020" program was intended to allow six projects to receive significant grants to fund their research. But it is a new "Horizon Europe" program that should be launched, and the rules of its operation are still not well known. Good news, however, quantum computing research seems to be excluded from this redesign and should continue to be funded. This is confirmation that the subject is being taken seriously at the highest European level, in the face of investment from China and the United States.

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