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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/08/09

Featuring Atos, Interpol, Accenture and Google...

August 9th 2019 | 659 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

In an article published in French on LinkedIn, Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos, explains that universal quantum computing is not for now. But that on the other hand, hybrid computing, which will combine quantum and traditional computing, could happen sooner than expected: "the era of hybrid quantum computers, which combine quantum accelerators and traditional supercomputers, is very close: they could be available in less than 5 years! ».
A hybrid approach that also corresponds to Accenture's work. The company has just obtained a patent, which consists in using machine learning algorithms to automatically determine if a problem can be solved instead with a traditional computer or a quantum computer.
The race between police and thieves is also a technological race. Criminals use the best technologies, and police forces must also equip themselves with them. This is the message from Catherine De Bolle, who heads Interpol. Among these sought-after technologies, quantum computing, which may soon be used by hackers to break current protections.
Will Moore's law be replaced by Neven's law, named after the director of Google's quantum laboratory? Hartmut Neven has just proposed a method to evaluate the rate of progression of quantum computer power. A method that still raises some questions: on the one hand Google is not really independent on the subject, and as in any method, the parameters chosen can strongly influence the results... On the other hand, quantum computing still has a lot to demonstrate before it can compete with traditional computing.

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