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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/08/14

Featuring IBM, Darpa, Gartner

August 14th 2019 | 531 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

With 9088 patents filed in 2018 in the United States, IBM is once again leading the way in this field, up 1% compared to 2017. Among these patents, a number concern quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Alphabet, Google's parent company, is far behind, in sixth place, with 2597 patents.
DARPA, the American agency in charge of so-called "advanced" projects, which in the 1960s financed the creation of Arpanet, launched an incubator for quantum technologies in the biological field. This incubator is part of the Polyplexus program, which already has 16 incubators. Each of these programs is endowed with a maximum of USD 100,000, and allows projects and ideas to emerge, some of which will certainly be financed later, more discreetly.
Among the hot topics of the coming years, that of the standardization of quantum computing measurement indicators. Remember debates between VHS, V2000 and Betamax during the development of video recorders... each major supplier (IBM, Google, D-Ware, Rigetti, Fujitsu...) tries to highlight the capabilities of its own technology, and thus create the measuring instrument that enhances it.
Not easy for future customers to compare the 50 Qubits of an IBM quantum computer with the 20,000 qubits of a computer announced by D-Wave for 2020. IBM offers a unit of measurement, the "quantum volume". Interestingly, Gartner recently recognized the relevance of IBM's measurement indicator at one of its conferences in San Diego. It is also an opportunity to remind that, according to Gartner, companies should prepare by 2022, then launch prototypes, and finally the first quantum computing applications from 2026.

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