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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/08/16

Featuring Microsoft, IBM, NIST, Ericsson...

August 16th 2019 | 448 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

Traditional computing has developed around many programming languages (Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, Lisp, Ada...). This will also be the case for quantum computing. We already know the two languages supported by IBM and Microsoft, QISKit and Q#, but there are already many others: Quil, QCL, Q Language, QFC, QPL, QML... to which we must add the list of emulators and/or simulators, because for the moment no quantum computer is freely accessible for everyone. In other words, these links will be obsolete in a few months, and the list of quantum programming languages will evolve significantly over the next ten years. But already some works of comparison between languages have been published.
Quantum computing and its algorithms could play a role in optimizing mobile communication network systems. This is explained by Ericsson in a detailed article published on the company's blog.
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are reported to have discovered a new commodity, which could be “silicon of the quantum computing era”. Uranium Ditelluride (UTe2). The ability of this material to resist magnetic fields could make it the almost perfect component in the manufacture of the famous Qubits. The scientific article was published in the journal Science.

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